June 27th Belt Test

On June 27th at 12 noon, many of our students will be testing for their next color belt.

  • It’s a good idea to eat 1 hour before test starts (so you don’t run out of steam)
  • Show up 30 minutes before the start time (11:30 am)
  • Bring water (a portion of the test may be outdoors)
  •  Full uniform is required (see uniform standard)
  • Were shoes to test ( you may need to go outdoors and sandals, flip flops and bare feet are not exceptionable)

The following students are invited to test

Yellow Belt

  • Kelland A
  • Kylie A
  • Kaleb A
  • Naeem B
  • Saafir B
  • Kyle C
  • Ronan C
  • Quinn Hall
  • Isaella H
  • Brook G
  • Xshque Lin
  • Jacob M
  • Leila M
  • Gabriella N
  • Victoria N
  • Jonathan R
  • Jeremiah K
  • Jaxson W

Orange Belt

  • Jovon G
  • Rebecca Hopps
  • Ceighleb L

Purple Belt

  • Dominik G
  • Dakoda G

Blue Belt

  • Lincoln D
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